Development guide

HomeCloud uses a monorepo, consisting of multiple sub projects. The project is mostly written in typescript and javascript. We use electronJs for desktop app and NextJs for frontend. Server runs on NodeJs.


The frontend code for both server and desktop is located at /web. We use NextJs Static Site Generation to create a static bundle which is served by both desktop & server.


The source code for electron app is located at /apps. This project folder is shared by both desktop and server, since they share majority of their code. Code specific to desktop app is located at /apps/src/desktop. Shared code is at /apps/src/backend.


Same as desktop, with server specific code at /apps/src/node.


To help with OAuth logins like Google Drive, Dropbox, we have a seperate service, seperate from the main application. It's a nodejs/express server, code located at /authServer.