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Effortlessly manage and access your digital content, all in one place.

Introducing HomeCloud

Homecloud is your personal digital content management app designed to streamline your digital life. It enables you to manage files, photos, notes, and more across all your storage devices and services. No more hassle of switching between different apps or sticking to a single storage provider.

Google Drive, Dropbox, Nextcloud, WebDAV and more.

Store your data where it makes sense for you. You can keep your important files on Google Drive, your photos archive on an external hard drive and so on. And yet, still enjoy the same awesome experience.

Photos. Notes. Not just files.

Organize your photos, notes from across storages in one place. Photos are automatically organized by date and location. And the Notes app let's you organize your notes in a hierarchical structure.

Free your data from vendor lock-in.

Store your data where it makes sense for you, maintaining ownership and control over your files and content. Seamlessly switch between various storage providers without limitations or commitments.

Upload from any device. Access everywhere.

Back up your photos from your phone, work on them on your computer. As long as you have access to your storage, you can access your content. Even without HomeCloud app.

No Sign-ups Required.

HomeCloud does not rely on any centralized service to work. All your data stays on your existing storage spaces. That means no signups, no subscriptions, no usage limits. Made possible by a unique syncing algorithm that works without any central database.


HomeCloud automatically organizes your photos by date and location. You can view them by creation date, date added or by their storage location. You can also add tags to your photos to organize them better.

Available in many forms and sizes.

Choose the version that best suits your needs.

HomeCloud Desktop

For Windows, Linux and macOS.

HomeCloud Server

For self-hosted web version.
Setup Guide

Try out HomeCloud in your browser.
You can just use our public instance which runs HomeCloud Server version for free.