Hey hi!
I'm Aritra
I design experiences with web technologies
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Live music with friends

Listen to music with friends, together! Colaborate and maintain a playlist with friends real time. Create a room and let friends join you. Built using: React, Django, NodeJs, Socket.io

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Protocol for networking

Connect to any peer over local network or the internet, send messages in both ways. Discover and connect to local peers without the need of the internet. Perfect for IoT applications.

JS Client Broker
Photos from all devices

Browse photos from all your devices in one place. Photos are served directly from your devices using AirPeer, no cloud or login required. Built with ElectronJs, React and AirPeer.

Chat over AirPeer

Chat with anyone over the internet or the local WiFi. Powered by AirPeer. Your data stays on your device. Send large files over the WiFi. Built with ElectronJs, React and AirPeer.

Apps platform

A desktop app to run other webapps with advanced capabilities like fileSystem access, better multimedia support, access NodeJS networking APIs and many more. No need to pack a whole bowser and nodeJs with your app. Apps are incredibly small in size, just the webpages.

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Styling library

A small styling library for web and react-native with support for dark mode. Almost all my projects (even this one) is built using this. XUI helps you style your views easily without having to write CSS for each of them.

Kiko Stations
Vote music to play

Another music app but you listen to music stations, vote for the next track to be played. Music is played via Spotify. Built using NodeJs, React and MongoDB.

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